Thanks for all the volunteers who helped this year!  


In Austin, physical education teachers have created Austin Association for Physical Education and Recreation (AAPER) to:

  • To provide a quality physical education experience for ALL children of Austin.
  • To work in partnership with AISD in developing, aligning and implementing quality Physical Education programs.
  • To keep teachers on the cutting-edge of current knowledge and instructional practices in Physical Education.
  • To encourage the community to embrace a physically active lifestyle.

Thirty-eight years ago, two PE teachers came up with the idea that we should let the kids run.  Not make them run or tell them they have to run.  Just let them run.  These wise men thought to keep the cost down and let them run through the leaves, run by the lake, run for fun, run to compete, run for the first time, or just run to run.  We invite you to continue the tradition started by two of our visionary teachers.

2014 DATE:  November 8th

LOCATION: Austin High School, 1715 W. Cesar Chavez, Austin, TX  78703

Registration Fee: $10

1 Mile Run

10:15 — 14 – year old boys and girls

10:15 — 13 – year old boys and girls

10:30 — 12 – year old boys and girls

10:45 — 11 – year old boys and girls

11:00 — 10 – year old girls

11:15 — 10 – year old boys

11:30 — 9 – year old girls

11:45 — 9 – year old boys

12:00 — 8 – year old girls

12:15 — 8 – year old boys

1K Run

12:30 — 7 – year old girls

12:40 — 7 – year old boys

12:50 — 6 – year old girls

1:00 — 6 – year old boys

1:10 — 5 – year old girls

1:20 — 5 – year old boys

Shirts are included with registering, also trophies will be awarded to the top 10 finishers. Ribbons awarded to others.

Please join us this year as a runner, a volunteer, a scholarship provider, or a business partner.  Contact us if you would like to be part of the team.

Learn more about Austin Association for Physical Education and Recreation (AAPER) and how they help our kids educate their hearts while other teachers educate their minds.

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